Reverse Truck

In the South, a pickup truck is a must! So you can imagine the dilemma a kid would face if his favorite truck suddenly wouldn't run properly! Well, that's just what happens in Reverse Truck. But the adventures are only about to begin! The owner of Reverse Truck realizes he can use this unfortunate circumstance and make the most of his favorite pickup, so buckle up for some fun!

Brooke Whitfield, author of Reverse Truck, has always enjoyed writing, especially poems. She was inspired to write Reverse Truck after her nephew Garrett's favorite blue pickup truck really got stuck in reverse! Reverse Truck goes on many adventures in the stories she has written so far. Brooke is a twin, is married to Ben, and has her own set of twins, Ethan and Hannah, who keep her busy with their sports and hobbies. She has been a nurse for seventeen years.

by Brooke Whitfield

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