Rigged Brewery Tales

The excitement and thrill laced within the pages of this novel are steeped in Bahamian ambience. Drama-packed episodes are told from the perspective of Brewer, a local who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. One of his many hobbies over the years lead him to become the founding father of the Rip Ty'd Brewery. Uncannily and coincidently, his background sets him up for an extremely unique story to be told. The plot unfolds around a tale of stunning intrigue. The novel twists and turns its way into an unfathomable, chilling mind warp.*****This fictional novel was passionately inspired by daunting coincidences.A few of Port Nassau's authentic touristic attractions are highlighted and innocuously woven into the fabric of the drama. "We are in Port for only a couple of hours. What should we do?"--this question is answered to create sentiment around an actual visit or provide an agenda of a few things to do when in Port Nassau.The novel drama unfolds when the confluence of several factors coincidently amalgamate. A perfect Category 5-strength hurricane of thrill and excitement develops and then catastrophically morphs overtime.Two dramatic stories are revealed in parallel. Both have a common theme of chase and desperation laced within turns of the pages. In one corner, a watery battle for life as well as the retention of stolen diamonds unravel. At the same time, with similar vigor, a relationship struggle for survival and emotional closure rage.The daunting perspectives penned are stunningly unique. The mind-blowing painted canvases are sometimes shocking and causes for pause and much reflection.

by Bruce Brewer

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