The foundation and elixir of life is “Love” and Rumi, the great Iranian poet, calls it “The Scales of Divine Secretes”. Love is the root of all; if the root rots, then everything else decays. When love is truly rooted in the mind and soul, then, nothing can fade or perish it. More than any time in the history of mankind we need to free ourselves from “Subjective Me” which has contaminated our souls and dictates us the action to be taken in every step of the way. Instead, we ought to take paces toward “Intrinsic Me” which is well aware of what needs to be done. The former originates from the imperious self and the latter emanates from “Love and Respect” which in turn restores the self in search of “Truth of Life”. In more than 800 years ago, you will be surprised to find that Rumi has repeatedly emphasized on the word “Love” in his 44000-couplets poetry sonnets book.Contrary to his poetry sonnets, quatrains are simple to understand, delicate and lovely, and with very powerful messages on how to live your life happily here and after. In one of his quatrains he says to the “self”: “O Nothing! Do not coil yourself over nothing for nothing. What remains forever is just Love”. This signifies the fact that everything in life such as youth, wealth, beauty, prestige, dignity and so forth are perishable, but love.Don't be confused, what he means here is that enjoy all the things that life has offered you for a better living, but do not be attached. Share your love with others and even things, and respect their existence so that they return their love and respect back to you.I strongly encourage everyone to read these 100-quatrains book to enjoy the benefit of his guidance in love and loving. In addition, you can learn some Farsi language words in a very small scale in a short time.

by Mehrdad Rahmani

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