Rusty Blade: The Love of a Fan

As fans, most of us has or have had that one celebrity crush. We fantasize about what would it be like to date that celebrity or become friends with that celebrity. What are they really like outside of the business side of them that we idolize? Shannon Keeler is just your average over-the-road trucker recovering from the recent lost of her husband. With a ticket to a fast approaching comic con, she heads out on the open road in her semi to meet her favorite stunt actor of twelve years Kenny Kirtzanger. She has one mission in mind, to hopefully get a chance to get to know him and build a friendship. With a trailer delivery for a restaurant in the same City as the comic con and with a twist of faith, she comes face-to-face with her celebrity crush in an unexpected way. With a chance for one-on-one time to talk, then unexpectedly losing it and meeting again a few weeks later and with Kenny already becoming curiously infatuated by his fan, he gives Shannon his email address after he notices a bruise of a large handprint on her arm and learns about her clinging friend and trucker Jason. With loneliness and depression getting deeper, Shannon finds herself becoming suicidal. After a plead for help from suicide, he invites her out to his house. As they get closer with every conversation and visit, she makes sacrifices from work, family and saving up to buy her own semi to travel across the United States and into Canada to see him and spend nights at his house. The more time she's with him, getting to know the real him and even with a twenty-six year age gap between them, she secretly falls in love him but when a beautiful actress from his past resurfaces and with Jason becoming more obsessed, she finds the courage to tell him. After a horrible accident, will Shannon survive? Will Kenny realize he feels the same way about her or will this other woman stand a better chance at winning his heart? What great sacrifices will Shannon now make to be with Kenny and will Jason tried to stop it all from happening? Take a journey on the road of true love of a Fan and experience a suspenseful romantic tale of tragedy, sacrifices, compassion, friendship, marriage, kidnapping and a baby.

by Shaina Keibler

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