Ruthie Deeply

Cold. Hunger. Abandonment. Strong feelings that no adult should be ever exposed to, let alone a four-month-old infant. The world that Ruth was born into in December of 1934 was exactly as such. Right from the start, Ruth's life continually “circled the drain” through the age of sixty. There were of course bright spots, but they were few and far between. Until after almost a lifetime, she was able to bring to bear the decent life she fully deserved. Never once for a second did she give up. Never once for a second did she quit fighting, and still doesn't even after eighty-five years. Ruth taught herself to read, balance a checkbook, grocery shop, run a household, and raise three children. All the while when her life spun seemingly out of control. No one will be able to fully understand the life she has led. Yet, this book may serve as a template to a decent life for anyone faced with adversity to whatever degree.

by Vincent Palmieri

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