Sadie Sue Says She's Sorry

This tale is an alluring lesson in alliteration that takes place on the farm. The family dog, Sadie Sue, slips out the doggy door in the middle of the night to investigate a strange noise. Her innocent intent triggers a cascade of unintended consequences for her and her three farm friends. Sadie Sue surprises Twirl the Squirrel, who falls out of the tree, landing on Sadie's head. She shakes her head and sends Twirl flying into a hole in the old oak tree. Luckily Twirl lands on Funny the Bunny asleep at the bottom. Funny the Bunny thinks the old tree is falling, so she quickly exits the nest and runs smack dab into Kitty the Cat, who came to see what was happening. Kitty the Cat lets out a yowl that wakes Sadie Sue's owners. Sadie gets called back into the house and is told she should be sorry for waking everyone. Sadie Sue says she is sorry but not really understanding why. This fun story will twist your tongue and stretch your vocabulary. You will have to read it over and over again!

by Valerie LeMaster

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