Sammy's Girl

Despite the disadvantages of a harsh childhood, lack of family support and education, and being black and a woman-- I never gave up on me. Repeating the cycle was not an option because it had no value. I climbed over the many obstacles that blocked my way. Along the way, I learned of love, suffered heartbreaks, disappointment, and disillusionment. I shared laughter and happiness with friends dearest to my heart. Through it all, I managed to keep working towards my goal, which was striving to do better for me.

I joined the U.S. Army, served four years on active duty, and enlisted in the Army Reserve, serving my adopted country a total of thirty-five years—I found a place of belonging—there was nowhere else for me to go. While serving in the military, I continued my education. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, MS in Counseling, and my PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

by Ann

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