Save the Last Dance

A passionate roller-coaster ride that challenges the decisions, loyalties, and responsibilities of mothers, daughters, and friends alike.Twenty-five-year-old Sofia Brenner is a determined and sassy ballerina growing up in Ukraine. She is unexpectedly torn from the comfort and security of her home and sent to live with her extended family in New York. Her father has disappeared and her mother has failed to offer her any explanations. Despite her continuing onstage fame, Sofia still struggles with feelings of insecurity, betrayal, and abandonment. That is, until she meets Rivke, and the truth comes to light.Feeling a growing weight of self-doubt and vulnerability, young Maya Sharret finds herself stuck in a humdrum marriage on an Israeli kibbutz that offers her nothing more than a limited, antiquated lifestyle. To make matters worse, she is duty-bound to give up her own dreams of being a ballerina and make serious choices about her familial and communal obligations. Her only chance to realize her true purpose is hidden in the shadows, beyond the stage lights.Maya and Sofia are both about to give up on themselves and settle for lives they never really wanted. Their dreams, originally brimming with pride and importance, ultimately break down--until they are each presented with an opportunity to save themselves and their loved ones with one final heroic curtain call.

by Mandi Eizenbaum

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