Science Mirroring Scripture

This book, Science Mirroring Scripture, is a three-part sample of how deciphering shows us much more than the mere literal interpretation of the very same words. Deciphering means to make out the meaning of. In deciphering scripture, one must make comparisons of the stories, characters, and events to science and scientific events, as well as comparing them to history, legends, and myths. By deciphering, one sees much more than what the mere literal interpretations has to offer.

The Bible is no doubt attempting to tell us our complete origins. All the way back to when time was not even measured and back to the time before Lucifer rebelled and ended up with one-third of all of God's angels. This first rebellion occurred in God's home in heaven which is humanity's full origin to its beginnings. It was lies and deception Lucifer used to get one-third of God's angels to side with him which began a real battle in heaven and ended with God casting us out of His kingdom. This is when the physical universe was needed in order to give the fallen angels and Lucifer a place to dwell far away from heaven.

More important to know is that we, humans, have already suffered a first spiritual death. The quick proof and evidence of this you can find at the very end of the Bible where it reads that those who follow God's holy words of the Bible shall not suffer a second death (spiritual, of course), meaning again that we have already suffered a first.

The full book where these three examples of deciphering come from is entitled When We Were Angels. The tittle says it all and will be the book that guides you to biblical evidence of who we really are. It also contains biblical evidence of the real existence of aliens! This, again, has never been seen and interpreted within scripture. Deciphering shows us much, much more.

May God bless you all for showing interest in our full origins. I hope these three examples of deciphering open your eyes and want to learn more of who we are. You will not doubt want to read (and digest) the full book where these three examples were pulled from. It will help humanity find themselves, as the saying goes. You, too, will sense a feeling of die every time you learn something spiritual because, at one time long ago, you already knew this.

My mom always told me to keep my mouth shut (in public) unless I had something interesting and intelligent to say and share. So I yell all these words loudly, hoping to reach all humanity in all languages.

Keep growing spiritually,

J. Andres Rodriguez

by J. Andres Rodriguez

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