Secret Lives

Has love ever taken you to a dark place? A place you never would have dreamed of going? Well, Leila went down that path with a man she loved, and he turned her into a monster. On the outside, Leila is funny, goofy, and a bit shy. She works for a production studio, she has friends, and now she has a new love interest. What is he going to think once he finds out about her dark side? Will he leave, or will he stay? Is there anyone who truly knows who she is? Once the sun sets, a different side comes out. Leila becomes a vixen, a sex kitten who preys on men. When Leila was in college, she got a taste for blood; the urge never subsided. Leila's brother, Jesse, is an FBI agent, and he and his partner are on the tail of a killer who takes a certain souvenir from the men they kill. Jesse and Leila's father made him swear to protect her. What is he going to do once he finds out who his sister really is? Will he let her go? Will he help her? Will he turn her in? What will he do about his partner, who is straight by the book and with whom he also happens to be in love? This book has twists and turns that will keep you wanting more.

by Ja’dest Fitch

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