Secrets of Mystery Island

During the eighteenth century, many men died young; trying to provide

for their families. Working on merchant ships was a common way of life.

Sailors took all the risks, while the merchants claimed the profits. Grandpa

wanted a better way of life for his

family. He bought a seaworthy 150 foot

galleon, to start his own business. With a crew of thirty nine, comprised

entirely of family members, he chose to sail to uncharted islands in search

of trade items.

Tribute is given to all females. Special ceremonies

are created to

honor them. The young women mature both mentally and physically. Even

the little girls seem to know things the men do not.

On the voyage into the uncertain, coconuts, bananas, spices, nuts,

oysters and many other trade items were gathered.

A not so friendly

meeting with a band of pirates, hinted that there might be buried treasure

on the island. With the help of friendly dolphins, a treasure is uncovered.

The crew of the Samtilla witness a strange light floating over a bog at

night and a cav

e that hums. Old sea tails are told and some seem to come

true, when believed in strong enough. Hazards and tense moments await

the crew. Mystery and near tragedy occurs throughout the voyage.

by John Snellings

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