Secrets of the Vineyard

Mari Rogers is the daughter of a wealthy prominent contractor and architect. She lives on a large vineyard ranch on the east range of the Napa Valley during the mid- to late 1950s. Mari is a naive yet mature high school sophomore who is spiky and fearless.

Mari finds that even in the wealthy close community of the Napa Valley, secrets of many friends and families come into her life. Because of her caring and sensitive personality, she has the unique ability to seek resolve for any number of these secrets. She keeps them, all the while navigating her way through life at home and school without revealing them before their time or at all.

Her place in the social structure between the struggle of the hard country life and the presumed easy life of the town kids is always a mystery, as well as her place in it.

There are subtle secrets Mari holds close that most around her do not observe.

by Mary Carol

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