Seeking Justice : Courtroom Drama in a Medical Malpractice Setting

Roland J. Beckerman is a Southern man that grew up learning right from wrong in a healthy family environment. He had many successes in most of the things he attempted to do as a young man. As he continued to age, he became versed on many subjects and excelled in most of his endeavors.

His experiences led him to be able to put this book together and in chronological order of truths during a specific period of his life, all while making it flow into seemingly a never-ending story. However, it does have an ending, but one you'll definitely find quite interesting.

Many of us have had triumphs and have fallen from grace within our realm of reality. Some of us don't get up from the low points, but Roland J. Beckerman is resilient and continues to reinvent himself. I think you will enjoy reading his book!

by Roland J. Beckerman

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