WILLIAM—was only attending the season with his grandmother Lady

Rebecca Grayson to make her happy that she was fi nally going to be able to

help him make some good business connection and maybe new deals during

this season also. She had been telling him how most of town will only deal

with their own peerage and the social season was part of the way they will

accept new people into their group and since Lady Grayson is of the upper

most elite. She had told him that there was a reason that he would need some

of his own connections when dealing with all sorts of people.

WILLIAM—knew he'd have to tread lightly when dealing with the

young marriageable women that were out to fi nd a husband, he knew to be

careful when many of them were just looking for husband to replenish their

family's coff ers to what they had once been, love never factored into the deal.

He knew a few people who had entered into these kinds of arrangements

and he hasn't seen anyone it made happy, so it was no surprise that he had

decided to only marry for a love match he wouldn't have his wife hating him

before she ever knew him. When he married it would be with the woman

of his choosing not to someone who tried to trap him. He wanted a happy

loving wife and happy children who knew they were loved as well. He knew

he'd have to be careful when dealing with the young husband hunting young

women as well as their mothers.

SHAWNA—was a nervous wreck as she walks down the stairs into the

ballroom by herself to be formally introduced she was grateful that Jeanie was

staying as close as she could. As she walked down the steps her eyes caught

and held with the most handsomest man she had ever seen, his eyes were

the bluest she had ever seen she knew she could lose herself in them, had

she stopped moving she wasn't sure all she knew was this man was making

her feel things she had never felt anything like it before. Jeanie cleared her

throat bringing her back to the present.

William was feeling just as much himself, as he held her gaze, as she

descended the remaining stairs he wasn't sure if it was destine or destiny, but

he knew in them moments he had to make her his.

by Shawm Flanagan

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