Shock Whispers Lords

In this book, I've created the carnage image of evil to emulate the ongoing presence of the master of blasphemy, sometimes referred to as the Devil. Normally in such works of bizarre fiction, we find the character itself thriving on special effects and some form of unconquered prelude to match the innocence of specially chosen characters that are inevitably delivered from the ghastly sins of Hell's chief ruler. Well, in this variation of the forbidden subject of Satan, the plot is the same. But I can assure you, it deals with a much broader scale of defiance and treachery.

With the subject matter contained in Shock Whispers Lords, if the readers imagine what I felt while reading it, they will see the possible in-depth conformation of Hell and its beginning with the possible reasoning of their own self-judgement at hand like never before.

For the making of SWL, I spent most of my spare time after work, writing by hand the seductive powers and imagination of the Devil to duplicate a living, breathing, and, most of all, unstoppable genius, who had reached the earth world by means of alien advanced technology. The book itself does not contain the existing civilization matter that deals with the far-reaching planet that the main character comes from. In this encounter in the MSS, the subject is briefly talked about by a half-brother of the Devil, who explains the minor details of their voyage from far off in the somewhere looming forest.

I'd like to end this by saying thank you and enjoy my novel, Shock Whispers Lords.

The Hell Warriors

Lord Devil Satain, Hell's Ruler

Warlord Lucifer, Hell's Overlord

Ogguwattu, Emperor of Southern Eissal

Farralum, Emperor of Western Parradox

Getile, Wizard of Litunow and Parradox

Morloch, Wizard of Tentillion

Famigi, Wizard of Laodim

Dram, Wizard of Eissal

Hell Chief Smitr

Hell Chief Dumadis

Hell Chief Tearal

Hell Messenger Sidius

Defenders of the Realm

Nottilaws, the Spearthrower

Wratar, the Chosen Slave

Trowel Monger, the Mercenary

Shawnora, Fairmaiden of Andor

King Salem, the Kingchild

Attogeb, the Skilled Warrior

Bragnod, Guardian of Salem

Aidspar, First of the Onrop Twins

Firsom, Second of the Onrop Twins

Wasob Yoleh, the Chief Hunter

Klanov Ladia, Chief Commander of the Realm

Flesail, the Ancient Caretaker

Zerwrist, Wizard of Gabain

by Daniel Buzzelli

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