Silent Survival

This story begins in the late 1800s with the immigration of an Irish family to the New World. One year after arriving in Boston, brothers Sam and Johnny Shamus travel West to fulfill a family dream. The brothers start a small ranch in the Dakota Territory and try their hand at raising horses. When a tragic accident takes the life of Johnny, his brother Sam is left on his own. In time, Sam takes a pretty Sioux woman as his wife, and my main character is born. Their son, Samuel, is raised between the Sioux tribe and the White man's township during the lawless period in our history when racism, greed, and violence prevailed.After the violent deaths of his mother and father at the hands of evil, young Samuel, a.k.a. Night Hunter, begins his quest for revenge. His strong upbringing from both his shaman great-grandfather and the Sioux tribe, along with the faith and hope of his Irish heritage, compel him to begin his epic journey for justice.

by Frank Digweed

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