Silent Tears

Silent Tears tells the story of twenty-four-year-old Jaslynn Gholson as she makes it through various trials and tribulations throughout her life, all told through the use of poetry. As a child, Jaslynn suffered from depression, and as she grew into a young adult, she held her pain inside and would simply mask it to make it through her tough life. Each poem tells different heart-wrenching stories, but that's not where Jaslynn's story ends. She speaks on mental, physical, verbal, as well as sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, a near-death experience, heartbreak, and so much more. Although she has been through so much, she never let her hard life define her as a person. Now that she has broken her silence on so much pain, she tells her story to allow the world to understand the mind-set of someone suffering from depression so that they may help anyone that they may cross paths with. “I don't tell my story for sympathy, I tell my story because it's the voice of many,” Jaslynn says. Silent Tears is the first of many poetry books Jaslynn will be writing to help convey her message and to motivate her readers to understand no matter where you come from and no matter how low you've been, you can always make something of yourself.

by Jaslynn Gholson

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