Simon Sez: A Retired Detectives' Club Novel

Someone is playing a deadly game…

A series of random murders, each increasing in size and scope, has the police baffled. More concerning, each crime has been committed by a law-abiding citizen, and afterward, the offender has no memory of their actions, nor are they willing to talk.

A wealthy powerbroker, whose son is among the suspects, hires RDC Investigations in hopes of finding mitigating evidence and clearing his son.

And The Retired Detectives Club has next…

This puts private detectives Robert Raines, Dale Gamble, and Ashe squarely in the middle of the action, and in danger, as the crime wave continues to heat up across Chicago. Chasing down leads, it's not long before they learn of a central figure, a mysterious puppet master, working behind the scenes, pulling the strings and unleashing a surge of violence on the city. But to what end? The answer to that very question could prove fatal for Robert Raines and his team because when Simon Sez…someone must die!

by Shawn Scuefield

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