From the beginning, Liam Michaels explains how, when, why, where, and whom are the cause. These events lead him to a reign of terror. With an abusive father before him, Liam shares his story for insight. As the plot thickens, Gabriel, Liam's father, pictures his son forming into the man he created. It starts with how—how a young love between Gabriel and Becky made the mistake of baring a baby boy. Like most teen lovers, the passion fades quickly. When it completely disappeared, Gabriel seeks attention elsewhere, some with strangers, others with married women, and the occasional coworker to Becky. But none is more unforgivable than an underage victim, Daisy. The abuse is believed to be secret since Daisy never reacts by having Gabe arrested.

Years pass, and Daisy runs away to where no one she knew will remind her of that horrible day. Needing money to survive, she becomes a dancer at a dangerous club. There she falls in deep with a drug dealer and pimp. Under his thumb, he uses her among other things to pedal dope throughout the club. Wanting out, she eventually finds a familiar face from back home. Liam too has become a fugitive. On the same path, he rescues Daisy from her pimp. Still shocked by his luck, he asks what happened to Daisy that brought her down in this beaten path. Nothing happens although someone drugs her beyond her control and take more than advantage of the situation. She's not clear on the details except she is sure who. Both Liam and Daisy share similar patterns of who caused such damage to their lives, which made them cross roads again.

by Lucian E. Gutierrez

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