Soul Guardian

In an ever-increasingly evil world, vampires have invaded the human race and are growing at a rapid rate. To the naked eye, they cannot be detected until it is too late. Humanity on its own is helpless to fight back. Their only chance lies in the hands of a six-thousand-year-old man and his rookie Apprentice who had accidentally bumped into him at an airport. They are known as Soul Guardians.

These vampires, known as sangtiel, are desperate to maintain their influence over mankind and gain total control of the entire human population at all costs. With the two Guardians hindering their work, they know the end for them is drawing near, and their desperation to accomplish their desires grows fiercer.

You thought you knew everything about vampires, didn't you? Well, guess again! You were misled! Discover the truth about their real weaknesses and the unanswered questions that have finally been uncovered. Take a seat and tag along with the Soul Guardians through a roller coaster of surprises and events that will make you experience just about every emotion you have within you. Join the fight to take back this world from those whose only wish is to destroy it.

by RJ Kurtz

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