Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading

“As I grow in Christ” speaks about how Christ changed my life, I was able to walk away from drugs and alcohol.“Cast me not from thee, O Lord” is a prayer that can be read of spoken when one is feeling along.“Look to the Hill” is to encourage your faith to know that no matter what your situation is that Jesus is right there with you. You are not along.“Arise and shine” is about your birth, for that the day the Lord chose for you to be born.A special gift speaks about a birth of a child. A child is a very precious and a special gift, one that we should look after with special care, for children are gifts from God.“Servant of the Lord” was written for my first pastor, but truly we are all born to serve the Lord.“Lord, What Would I Do without Your Grace?” Every day, we should pray, “Lord, don't let me fall from grace, because so many things are going on in the world today. We could easily forget about God and fall from his grace.”“A Woman of Excellence” speaks of a woman who allows her life to lovingly express truth in all things.

by Maxine Hall Nickles

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