Stone Blind

America won her freedom from the king of England in 1812, and no

president since George Washington has had the desire to take his place

until now. Staying in the background the newly elected President of the

United States has his front man gather a group of politicians and industrial

leaders to take the first crucial step in his desire to rule this country single-handed.

His plan however doesn't take into account the tenacity of the

James Gang, who had in the past and are in the present willing to sacrifice

everything for the good of their country.

James Klein III and Ed Murphy

co-founders and co-owners of

International Communications and Fiber Optics

and the leaders of the James Gang find themselves


with their sense of doing right

for their country, for their employees, for their customers,

and for their families.

Aiding them in their Battle

with their trust and loyalty

are their friends and associates.

Everyone that is EXCEPT for

and most importantly,


by T. W'ski

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