Street Guy: A US Secret Service Undercover Operator

The real-life adventures of a United States Secret Service undercover agent. In Street Guy, a retired special agent in charge details his experiences working undercover against some of New York's most notorious members of the Mafia and traveling overseas on undercover assignments against transnational criminal groups.

Street Guy details his experiences investigating crimes, including armored car robbery, the counterfeiting of US currency, financial fraud, and the murder of a government witness. This book shows the reader the gritty side of what it takes to be a Secret Service criminal investigator, a side not often seen by the public.

Street Guy gives the reader the excitement, unpredictability, and danger of working undercover. It puts the reader right in the room with members of the Mafia where one mistake could mean death for the undercover agent.

Street Guy details the very diverse responsibilities of the Service and opens up a new and exciting look at one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the world.

by Thomas J. Farrell

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