String Goes to School

Do you remember how you felt when you had to do something that you had never done before?

Were you afraid? Excited but nervous at the same time?

Well, that's exactly how String felt when she faced going to school for the very first time. She was just a little girl bean and had only known the comfort of her own home. Why, she had never even been out of her own field! She was uneasy about leaving her safe space where she knew everyone and everyone knew her.

What would happen to her? Who would she meet, and what would she see? What were the other beans like?

Join String as she begins her journey down a path to unknown horizons. She has no idea that a wonderful new wide-open world awaits her.

There will be many more adventures to follow, but the first step has to be taken.

Is she ready? Let's find out!

A couple of new beans coming soon.

by Paul Michalko

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