Struggle to Zero

This book is not only about my career as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, but about all the facts regarding how someone born into the lowest financial class in our country could navigate around and through the great white sharks in life without remaining in the lowest class as a human being on this earth. My personal faith and sheer fear of failure kept me going.

“To be honest – the slight tension which might have proceeded Governor Rockefeller's arrival was dampened because of the Secret Service men. They grew the attention of everyone. They were everywhere, at every meter,

no wonder they stole the show from Rockefeller. They were truly beautiful to watch. I couldn't keep from thinking romantic thoughts as I examined them. They were as exciting and masculine as Tarzan. Slim but strong muscled...tall well-dressed, well-mannered. They moved swiftly, beautifully and silently as a stalking tiger. And they exhibited an alertness much as is seen only in well-trained men. I watched them wide-eyed and could not help thinking what it might be like to be married to a man like that. Wonderful waves of excitement traveled up and down my spine.” – Unknown female Congressional Aide

by Don Bell

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