You have been searching your whole life for answers to your questions, like why am I here why is my life so broken why can't I make it in this world? Why do I feel so depressed at times? Why can't I have a better life? I feel like I have been left behind and all alone. Why can't I find someone to love? Why is my mind so messed up at times? Why can't I fix myself? Why can't I become more prosperous like my family and friends? Why do I feel angry all the time? Why do I feel scared all the time? Why can't I express myself the way I want? Why can't I fit in? How can I kick this addiction? Why do I have a problem I can't shake off? Why does bad luck fallow and consume me? Why don't my family like me and how can I cope with rejection. If you have some or all these questions in your mind you need to read this book. Step up and do something for yourself that will last your lifetime. You're not alone billions of people on this earth are hurting twenty-four-seven every day and night. I was hurting until I was lead in the right and perfect direction and now I'm happy. Let me take you on a journey of happiness and success. What do you have to lose? This is not phony this book is the answer to your life. No one ever told you you're special and yes you are special and I love you very much. It does not matter how old or young you are this book is for you.

by Mark Bachelder

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