Surfing Treasure's Wake : Revised Edition

It's 1715, and the Spanish galleon the San Miguel, having left Havana on her way back to Spain, is caught in a sudden and overwhelming hurricane. Black water rushes across her wooden decks as Isabella Rojas and her six children hold on for dear life and pray that God is listening. But God is not. Fearing death, Isabella binds each child around the waist to a knotted rope, hoping to save each, but all are swept overboard. One by one, each child drowns, the weight of each body slowly pulling Isabella beneath the stormy seas, as her golden medallion sinks beside her. Now they rest at the bottom of the sea, waiting to be released from their watery graves.Over two hundred years later, while surfing, sixteen-year-old Marc, abandoned by his father, encounters the ghost of Isabella. Along with Bob, a retired treasure hunter, Marc is drawn into the world of surfing, treasure hunting, and mystery as they both try to solve the legend of Isabella and her children. Then a tragic loss forces Marc to face his reality as he discovers the real treasure he's been searching for all along.

by Doug Hanau

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