Sweet Heat

It's always a hot, sticky mess with Paige Adams.

I was convinced that true love and great orgasmic sex did not exist. Lust, yeah, that's something I do know, and what I have been doing for the last five years with my boss, Kyle Andrews. To say the least, he is the master at toying with my mind and emotions.

Needing a break, I find myself on a weekend trip alone in Chicago and meet the hottest man who, up to that point, I thought only existed in my dreams. Tall, dark and handsome is a metaphor that doesn't do this man justice. And my favorite part is he has the hottest ass I have ever laid eyes upon.

This chance encounter ends up being the most epic night of sex in my life. Just like everything, though, I know all good things must come to an end. Thinking I can move on after that night is one thing, but actually doing it and trying to forget the hottest man I've ever met is a whole different sticky mess.

Oh, and the best part is, when I return, the boss has decided to now admit he's in love with me.

I'm billionaire Nathan “Nate” Charles Schollick. I get what I want when I want it. I've got a huge bank account and an even bigger cock. My motto in life is, “Game on,” because I love a challenge. I don't really even need to say anything else because nothing else seems to matter to most women. And guess what? That has worked just fine for me in life—or, at least, I thought it did. Then I met her.

People and books use the phrase “love at first sight.” Screw that; with her, it was like taking my billionaire balls and putting them in a vice from the very first encounter.

Now, here's the problem: she didn't leave her name and number when she disappeared from my hotel room after a blazing night of sex. Therefore, what's this big bad ass to do?

I will use every one of my resources to find her. And it's not if . . . but when I find her, I'm keeping her. No matter what.

Because I. Never. Lose. Ever. Game On!

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by B. Watkins

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