Sweet Madness

Fear is a strange thing. It can warp your thoughts. Contort and dismember the firm grip you thought you had on your reality. All within a single moment. A single sound. Your eyes catching a shimmer of light off sharp metal. The cold grip of death as it wraps its fingers around your neck. The way it reaches into your chest, squeezes your heart tightly until all the blood in your body is racing through your veins with such intensity that you become dizzy and high from the ecstasy it brings your mind. Let me bring you down this path of fear and spectacular chaos. Let me into the deepest recesses of your mind and I will show you a fear so wrought with agony and despair that the twisted smile on your face will make you question everything about your own stability and moral compass. Follow me down this tormented and horrific path that leads Jason well beyond his breaking point... watch him break... watch him break as you break too...

by Jacoby Cutler

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