Syllable Words: Volume 2: How Seasons Occur

Reading Made Simple through Syllables in ColorThis book is designed to improve the learners' reading and reading comprehension whereby the students can progress and perform the necessary duties in and out of the classroom. It will promote confidence in the learners to engage in the school subject matters they encounter in the classroom setting. This book will improve the learners' recognition of words.This book is an excellent reference for learners who are having difficulties with reading pronunciation or words and reading comprehension. It provides the student with a source of reference for practicing reading and reading in rhythm. Rhythm is an intricate part of reading with understanding for people who are either slow readers or have a hard time pronouncing words. This book can be used to enhance the learners' vocabulary.List of common syllables used to make or build words found at the end of book. The learners can use some of the syllables to build a word or some words. Each word will began with a black syllable (always first), blue syllable (2nd), purple syllable (3rd), green syllable (4th), and red syllable (always last). Example: HoneybeeRemember, there is no such thing as a big word.

by Robert Hayward

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