One of the Military Police (MP) said “Nothing doing. You two are going in one way or another.” He walked towards Garland with the gun in his hand, and like a flash, Garland had him on the ground and was going after the other one. The other one chambered a round in his .45 pistol but it was too late. Garland had both men down and took their guns. Garland moved like lightning. I stood there shocked. What was going on? Garland emptied the bullets from the pistols and gave them back to the MP's. He told them to leave and come back in thirty minutes to get their bullets. He showed them where the bullets would be. He made them promise that they would not mention this episode to anyone. He reminded them that they had stumbled into a classified mission and were not to mention this.

Again we started walking. Was this a plan by Hooker to see how we would react under pressure? We finally arrived with the rifle intact.

This was just the beginning….

by Bobby Tyler

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