The Adventure: A Little Boy Heart Alive

Come…join us in The Adventure where a small boy's imagination takes him on a journey spending a day in the forest with his Indian family. The Adventure: A Little Boy Heart Alive follows the story of a young boy named Jude as he sets out from the world of his home into a world built from his imagination. Going back into a time of Indians, young Jude sets out with his pet coyote to fight off rattlesnakes, bears, and to find some fun in-between all the ‘danger.' Accompanied by beautiful, hand-drawn artwork, The Adventure is a story set for children of all ages to enjoy. Peter Buyno is the gifted artist who volunteered to illustrate this story, in honor of his brother Jude, who was killed in a construction accident four years ago. Peter is 39-years-old, a husband, and a father of 5, living in a small town in Georgia. The tale-teller is Sallie Buyno and she brings her son Jude's dreams to life in this story! She is a wife and mother of 5 grown boys…grandmother of 22 grandchildren. She lives in a small town in Illinois where she works as a speech therapist.

by Sallie Buyno

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