The Aether-Cosmic Computer Structure and Function

The author has worked on the thesis of the “Material Aether” since 1981.The author is a retired surgeon and an amateur physicist; physics is his hobby. A free thinkerputting up a sincere effort to find the truth, both in its totality, as well as its minutest possibledetail—a tall order.This book is expected to:• supplement and/or modify most updates in physics;• establish the existence of the aether;• identify the aether as the Cosmic Computer;• suggest and propose: the aether Cosmic Computer structure;• make an educated guess at the modus operandi of its function; and• its expected future behavior using illustrations and logistic intuition.Through patience, diligence, perseverance in my old age and mere luck, it has exceededmy expectations.In assessing the blame – if any - for not recognizing the Aether as the cosmic computer(CC); the Author puts much more blame on the current Scientific Community as a wholethan on Einstein in particular.Let us remember that “Computers” were not known throughout Einstein's life. They werefirst introduced during his last few years. By contrast the current Scientific Community asa whole; has lived for the past 70 years with computers.It is about time they considera few dozen serious propositionsat the core of physics;which may end up being accepted by defaultwithin the next ten to twenty years.

by Alfy Sourial

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