The Bad End to a Good Era

Larry Thompson was one of the most wanted people in the country. The authorities knew that he was doing a lot of illegal things but could never prove it. His career started while he was quite young; as a matter of fact, he was ten when he committed his first armed robbery, and it went from there. He has lived the life of a model citizen, but the people who know him know different, and his legacy outruns him even now that he is incarcerated. The people who control him now are as afraid of him as if he was a rattlesnake, and that is putting it mild. What they don't understand is that if he gives his word that he will die before he would ever break it. He has always told people that he makes the best friend that a person could ever have but, in the same sentence, would tell you that you couldn't even imagine the enemy he would make. He has always told most of them that he was just plain vanilla, and that is how he has tried to present himself to people who don't know him.

by Larry Thompson and Patricia LaCaze

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