The Brighter Side of Darkness

In the story, The Brighter Sides of Darkness, Cain, the main character, is a young man maturing

into adulthood while facing many emotional challenges. He is affected by an early onset of

mental illness which is exacerbated by an emotional void stemming from a broken family structure.

His social growth is further delayed due to a dysfunctional relationship between two people he spends most of his childhood with; his mother whom he detests and his grandmother who he loves dearly. He is very young during these formative years and he suffers from mental challenges that never allowed him to see the true picture of these important women who are also secretly suffering with unspoken mental anguishes of their own. As a young adult, he sets out on his own and by happenstance meets the creature he has met before and calls it Pavion (which is a mispronunciation of a character from one of his grandmother's tales). He strikes up an unorthodox but loving relationship with Pavion who is much like him in that she too comes from what may be considered a volatile, dysfunctional and emotionless upbringing. However, once the two reunite, their bond though shaky in the beginning, is unlike anything the two havepreviously experienced and after a brief feeling out process, the two become inseparable. With their bond solidified, a now mentally fragile Cain is willing to forgo the norms of his previous life to become a family with the creature and will do whatever he deems necessary even through the devastation their marriage causes.

by Whitney Jones

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