The Brotherhood of the Wone

This is a story about a handyman who lived in a small town and was in just the right place when destiny came knocking on his door. Lon looked to be little more than a handyman, a bit complex as complex goes. He is smart but a little stubborn; he is compassionate but selective about who he is compassionate to. He is defiantly creative but didn't always think things all the way through before taking action.

He is loyal to his friends, family, and country—sometimes to a fault. He is well liked by almost everyone and always returns the affection. Lon is defiantly the man you would appreciate having around in a tight spot. He is trained in mechanics and electronics and he is also an ambulance technician. Most of the people he would soon be working with were his classmates.

Lon was approached by Jean Conway to be the fix-it man on a trip to Belize she was planning to take. Jean was the daughter of our little town's museum owner/curators. She found a strange piece of a Mayan priest's robe from Belize, which she—nor anyone else, for that matter, couldn't make any sense of. Jean was well connected in the field of archeology, so was her husband Bill. She had no idea that she was about to discover one of the greatest forces on this or any other planet, a source that had been dormant for centuries. There will come a time when she will be afraid for everyone's life and regret her involvement.

The Wone will change their lives forever. Will it change yours?

by Len Stage

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