THE CALLING: Seated at the Table with the Broken

Learning from a young age about the importance of fair play, honor, and integrity, US Navy veteran, former mayor, and Retired County Sheriff Richard Stephens filled multiple roles throughout his thirty plus years of law enforcement and public service. From standing on the same ground where lives were taken, leading teams into dangerous situations, and ensuring those who were entrusted him with their safety lived to see another day, little did he know the impact his chosen calling would ultimately have upon him, both physically and emotionally. Plagued with unresolved trauma, Richard carried on as any peace officer would, hiding the remnants of a lifetime of darkness deep within the confines of his mind to maintain his personal dignity as a leader and protector.Overtaken by the darkness of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, Richard was subjected to the life-altering concept of Crisis Intervention Teams. Learning the benefits of behavioral health and wellness, Richard began the journey of bringing law enforcement wellness to the forefront of our minds through providing a glimpse into the minds of the modern-day police servant.This must-read account provides a detailed action plan for understanding what officers feel, think, and consider when carrying out their duty. With the goal of building relationships and fostering cooperation between law enforcement and behavioral health partners, this gripping account of one man's journey of personal growth is a staple for every professional hoping to effect change.Follow along as Richard describes countless life events, horrifying encounters, and lifelines he has discovered throughout his years of service. This realistic real-life story is about overcoming obstacles while enhancing our understanding about why cops think what they think and act in the manner they do. It's a journey into awareness and relationship building centered around commitment, understanding, and wellness.

by Richard J. Stephens Jr., MA

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