The Chornbrook Mysteries: The Roadhouse Murders Book Three

When you take a cruise, the last thing you would expect is to be involved in a high-stake international espionage-murder case, something that Derek and Kyra DeForge got involved in anyway. It looked like the mysteries followed them: in Quebec and Las Vegas, in a quiet suburb of Fishkill, New York, and in a small town in Massachusetts. "Old sins have long shadows," something what Mrs. DeForge would say with a sigh when a web of old sins will require the efforts of all of them in DeForge & Murphy, PIs--her husband, Derek, and his partner, Sean, Mrs. Kyra DeForge herself, and Linda O'Hara, Sean's longtime sweetheart, plus a young trial lawyer and their junior partner--to untangle and destroy that web.

by George Chornbrook

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