The Chosen Ones: The Conspiracy : A New World Order

This suspense filled autobiographical fiction, has many twists and turns; a love story, drama, suspense, mystery, magic, with a dark edge of conspiracy and betrayal intertwined.

Unbeknownst to her, Chantelle was born one of the many “Chosen Ones”, that from birth was followed, monitored, studied, to be part of a developed, manufactured new world. The development of this new world with its addition of a new type of human, and species, was the mastermind of a manipulative, wealthy, organizational structure fueled by greed, money, power, fear, and control, in order to bring forth their vision of A New World Order.

Enjoy this part autobiographical, part fiction book, as names, places, some events have been changed, and specific town names, for legal reasons.

by Michelle Reid

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