The Chronicles of Aardia: Soulgraft Book 1

Caellum Wraine and his father created a universe and world called Aardia and spent their lives expanding it for humanity to enjoy living in. When his father is diagnosed as terminally ill, it becomes the one thing left behind for Caellum to believe in as his life starts falling apart.In the cosmos exists a god, Tethir, who has made Aardia real and plans a game--a game where he watches Caellum struggle with himself and the things he helped create to survive. One of those is the first person he ever made in Aardia...Mith.Mith wakes in this new world, his last memories of death, to find everything about the world he thought he knew changing. He finds destruction where there used to be peace, magic come alive, and he finds in this changed world the freedom he hadn't known he craved--only to lose it when the god Tethir places Caellum's soul in his body.In the end, only one soul can survive in a body, and Caellum and Mith have no choice but to fight. Fight for control, fight to the last one standing, fight to survive in Aardia...fight and play along like puppets in the hands of a cruel and entertained god while discovering more about the world of Aardia that has come alive around them.

by Ryan Forth

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