The Coming

Driving home after a long day, I topped the rise just before my turn north and across the valley saw a car wildly spinning slam into the guardrail with flames spreading as it hung precariously over the cliff. Time stood stand still as hit the gas and skidded to a stop. I jumped out of my truck and ran to the car. I grabbed a pregnant woman standing there and damn it I knew her, Mareilene Johnson and she knew me and her twin sister Dareilene, pregnant as well was slumped over the wheel, not moving.

As I grabbed the car door, Mareilene yanked me back and screamed,

“Dareilene and unborn baby are dead! I need help to push the car off the cliff and let it explode with them in it.”

I yelled,

“What in the FUCK are you talking about? You can't do that!” “Oh yes, I can.” Mareilene said,

“‘He' will be here soon and if you help me now, ‘we' just might have a chance to live! Believe me Joe, God sent you here to save me and the baby. According to ‘Him', you are the one that I can trust!”

I looked into her eyes and knew she was telling the truth. The car was teetering on the edge of the ice covered cliff and with a simple push, it plunged off the edge and exploded in flame. We both jumped into my truck and as I hit the gas she screamed,

“Drive like the Devil is on your heels, because he is!”

The Coming, a novel about the second coming was written for those who believe in God, those who don't, and those that just don't know. I hope The Coming gives you pause to think . . . What if?

A. Ben Bacon

by A. Ben Bacon

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