The Coven

Out of the air, one as a flock, the original thirteen Wicca arrived. Settling in the forested trees of the glen, they conversed, cackling and calling. Liking what they perceived, the Wicca decided to stay.

Out of the darkness above, Hecate, the Dark One, she who watches from above, spoke into the hearts of the thirteen Wicca below, “Go forth into the glen and cut you a length of young wood. Cradle it and call it by name, offer it to me, and do so with a pure heart. Cradle it in your arms, and of human flesh, its likeness will arise.” As the new day dawned, thirteen Wicca from the forest emerged. Cradled in their arms was new life, the foundation upon which the new coven called High Cliff would be founded.

On her deathbed, college student Tommy Templeton's mother made two confessions. The first was that she was a witch, not a Wizard-of-Oz witch but a real witch like the ones burned at the stake in Salem during the witch hunts of the 1690s. Her second revelation was that his warlock father, whom Tommy had never known, was alive and living in a nearby coven.

Tommy's search for his warlock father leads him to the coven, a coven in which its keepers are being simultaneously murdered, and Hecate, the Dark One, has ordained that a free spirit, a warlock, Tommy Templeton by name, should bring the perpetrator to justice.

by T. W'ski

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