The Days That She Comes By: A Thirty-Three Poem Collection In Four Parts Based upon the Grief of Losing Someone in a Romantic Relationship

The Days That She Comes By is a journey through the mind and heart of a young man who finds himself in the middle of a complicated, over boundary line professional relationship with a Social Worker who is assigned to help him in his recovery toward living an independent life without the need for her help on a twice weekly basis. Sooner than later, he develops romantic feelings for this young woman and finds himself in a quandary about whether he should reveal this to her or not. A “damned if he does or a damned if he doesn't” situation. He delays this confession to her by writing and giving to her a song lyric, which she is grateful for, called “The Days That She Comes By.” After two months, when he is finally ready to reveal his feelings for her, he resigns himself to have a “hope this will be okay” attitude. Despite the great turmoil he was in at this time and she, after hearing his confession and conferring with her supervisor, now comes back with a set of ground rules that he must abide by if she is to continue to be his Social Worker, including not saying or doing anything that might make her feel uncomfortable in any way. This book is a stream of consciousness monologue about the inner workings of a young man's mind and heart.

by Sean Hudson

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