The Diggers

Grayson worked as his own boss doing plumbing for his customers. His life wrapped around his business and his ability to do his work. He knew things were what they looked like, a pipe was a pipe, a wrench was a wrench. He also knew his woman was a woman. But he didn't get along with her anymore. And he knew that, too. At least, Grayson had his work. His friend, Odis, helped him with his work from time to time. Grayson had a good job for Odis to do, digging a sewer line up to replace it. There wasn't anything unusual about the job. It was a straightforward project. All Odis had to do was remove the dirt from on top of the old pipe all the way to the sewer main in the neighbor's yard behind the back fence. Yes, there was nothing unusual about this job. But Grayson hadn't foreseen the nature of the neighbor behind the fence. Odis found out. The job became devilishly unusual. Grayson found out not everything is what it seems. Or is it?

by Glenn Hagstrom

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