In a world of deception, heartache, pain, betrayal, failure, and disappointment, Sincere Williams tries to stay afloat and not be swept in the currents of living a life that's consumed by violence.After witnessing the death of his parents, Sincere is forced to leave New York and live in Miami. Unbeknownst to him, he's in possession of a disc that people will go the lengths to kill for. Will Sincere be able to detect these killers and live a normal life? Or will he end up like his parents?Enter Snake, a lethal man who is known for his marksmanship. A killer who was assigned by his partner to retrieve the disc. A killer who trusts no one and is only loyal to one.This fast-paced story will show you how quick things can change. Love, death, betrayal, and compassion will be at the forefront. Will Sincere escape death? What's so important about the disc? Why were Sincere's parents killed? Uncovering these questions will have you wanting more until there are no more. The plot thickens. Characters try to steal the show. This is a book full of twists.

by Widney Joseph

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