The Dragon King: Book 1 The Chronicles of Dragons, Wizards, and Kings of Ellery Glen

About the BookTurn the page and open the door into the thrilling saga of The Dragon King, where myth and lore, love and magic are intermingled in a world where the strength of a pure heart stands against the powers of dark magic.Guardians, protectors of goodness and light in the world, had scarcely survived the Great War against their adversary Abdenagon the Destroyer, a fallen Guardian condemned to rule the nether gloom, who found a path into the world of the living through tempting the hearts of Guardians whose hearts fell into darkness, dark lords battling each other and the humans for the rule of all.After rebuilding the carnage of the long war, the Guardians of pure heart could not expunge the fear and hatred the humans felt toward them for the unimaginable suffering caused by the dark lords wielding their powers for evil. Guardians were forced to withdraw from the humans to live in the safety of their mountain sanctuary, Ellery Glen.In the millenniums of peace that followed, Abdenagon did not rest, regaining his strength he found in Fangull, a willing heart to fall into darkness, a servant who surpassed his expectations. Great darkness loomed over the world once again. A war the Guardians were ill prepared to fight—with their powers limited by ancient weaves, their eyes blinded, and their hearts bound by eons of beliefs and traditions that no longer held true. They awaited the fulfillment of the prophecy that a king would come to lead them into battle. The king that came was not what they had expected; their hearts fell into despair as the evil one stirred and darkness threatened to eclipse their world of goodness and light. Thus begins The Chronicles of Dragons, Wizards, and Kings of Ellery Glen.

by J.L. Staar

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