The Elementals of Sacred Lake: Book Two: The Prophecy of Mystic Cavern

Secret Cave… it remains unknown to everyone for a reason. But when a ghost from Melody's past seeks her out, she realizes she may need to reveal the cave's location to her friends. She is told to journey inside it and find a prophecy. What she doesn't know is that discovering the said prophecy could cost someone their life.Meanwhile, evil continues to appear in the Safe Grounds. No one knows how to put a stop to it, not even the king or queen. Melody and Ashton are suspicious of Zander. They believe he knows more about how evil gets in then he says.Do they have a right to be wary of him?Is Zander truly on evil's side and still working for the evil creature?Then there's Lucas. Melody feels as if he holds a secret also. Calder considers him dangerous and warns her to stay away from him. Melody insists on learning what has happened anyway, but the truth could lead to her downfall.To make matters worse, Dustin has been missing for months. His friends worry, wondering what could have happened to him.Will Dustin return in time to help his friends against the next evil they'll face?The time for the second sacrifice is approaching, and everyone must be ready.

by Michele Skaggs

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