The Entire Universe Is You

The entire universe is you, is your journey between the place we all start and the place we all dream about. In the infinite capacity of our ever-evolving universe, we can feel small and insignificant, but I challenge you to harness the power of the very thing you feel victimized by. That power is you—in all of your authenticity!

When facts and fiction seemingly collide into reality, chaos and beauty overcrowds the mind.

It's disastrously wonderful, somewhat confusing, but forever adventurous and evolving.

This book takes you on a raw, witty, and thought-provoking journey into soul. It will sort out all the mental chatters in your head and deliver your world back to you in a more comprehensible fashion. This book is not for everyone. This book is for the open minded only. I will share my stories, my pain, and little tips I've accumulated along the way. By the end of the book, you'll have a better understanding on the following:

• Love

• The Universe

• Magic

• Your Spirituality

• The “Whys”

• The “Hows”

• Spiritual Guides

• Meditation


• Depression

• The Nature of God

• The Bible

• “Sin”

• Happiness

• Soul

• Inner Peace


• Random Stuff

• Hell

• Home

And more.

This book is designed to connect with you as an individual and specially direct you to God as a whole. Think of this book as a magic matcher, because you have manifested it, and now it has shown itself to you; it would not be so in any other way. If this “back of cover” summary resonates with you, it has already been proven factual of the strength of your manifestation pull.

In these comical, exciting pages, you'll navigate through your own chaos with thought experiments, fact checks, new ideas, and unique perspectives. It's a vast source of wisdom out there! You'll finally understand truth, in a way like no other! You'll finally understand YOU!

by Dwayne White

In stores now!