The Erotic Twist

After Brett left Crystal, she started thinking about moving to a big city and starting a new life. She was tired of living in a small town. She headed to New York City. Crystal found a best friend a few days after she moved there. Things were going well and starting to look up for her. That is until she met Jason. His tall, slender body, with those seductive eyes and smile, got Crystal falling in love again. Only to find out he was slowly introducing her to a new experience in the daddy dom world. A world she never knew existed.Her life became more confusing with all Jason's rules she had to follow, making her life full of twists, rule-breaking, and several punishments. Jason loved challenges. He knew one day soon he was going to break her. She found that lifestyle was exciting but loved to break the rules, pushing her limits. She kept Jason on his toes for sure. Even though it wasn't her lifestyle, would she ever fully submit to being a baby girl?

by Crystal Acton

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