The Escapades of Rose

Miss Rose is at it again! Kathryn, or Kat as most people call her, has her hands full trying to keep her grandma, Miss Rose, and her brother, Blake, out of trouble while preparing for the grand opening of the grill at her club, Grumpy's Palace. With the help from her family and friends, will Kat be able to keep them both from ruining her grand opening, or will they embark on a path filled with laughter and disarray? From the police station to the movie theater to the grand opening, follow Miss Rose, family, and friends as they engage in yet another adventure of life. Will Blake finally find a woman to put up with him? Will Miss Rose start acting her age (don't count on it!) and give in to Charlie's advances, or will she and Carol get kicked out of yet another store? No matter what happens, you can count on this family having each other's backs.

by Leslie Koester

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